Posted: December 09, 2009
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Health Care

Action Alert!


Pro-life amendment killed

- By now you have probably heard that yesterday Senator Barbara Boxer offered a motion to table (i.e., eliminate chances of voting on) the Pro-life Nelson Amendment, which would have excluded federal funding for abortion in the Senate Health Care Bill.

- The senate voted 54-45 to KILL THE AMENDMENT.  This means there will be no vote in the Senate on whether or not to exclude federal funding for abortion in the Senate Bill.


- This means that if health care passes in the Senate, then abortion funding will be included in universal health care. The Federal Government will become one of largest funders of abortion in the United States.



This seems to leave pro-lifers with only one choice:





         - One piece of good news.  Seven Democrats voted against Boxer’s motion.  They are:

         1. Evan Bayh –Indiana

         2. Bob Casey –Pennsylvania

         3. Kent Conrad –North Dakota

         4. Byron Dorgan –North Dakota

         5. Ted Kaufman –Delaware

         6. Ben Nelson –Nebraska

         7. Mark Pryor –Arkansas


              - Harry Reid needs a super-majority of 60 senators to pass health care without the possibility of a Republican filibuster.  He is unlikely to receive more than one Republican vote (Sen. Snowe, ME). 

- This means he will need 59 Democrats (actually 58 plus Joe Lieberman who caucuses with the Dems). 

- This means that if just TWO of the SEVEN senators listed above vote against the Reid Bill, Health Care Will Fail in the Senate.

         - We need to contact those seven Democratic Senators and Urge them to vote Against the Reid Bill. 

--Please do whatever you can--


Contact links for the Seven Senators (plus Joe Lieberman)


Evan Bayh – Indiana

Bob Casey – Pennsylvania

Kent Conrad – North Dakota

Byron Dorgan – North Dakota

Ted Kaufman – Delaware

Ben Nelson – Nebraska

Mark Pryor – Arkansas

Joe Lieberman – Connecticut