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Understanding the Three-Parent Baby

While most (99.9%) of the human genome (DNA) is found in chromosomes in the cell nucleus, a small percentage (0.1%) of our DNA is found in the mitochondria—small bean-shaped structures which float around within the cell. Among other things, mitochondria use oxygen to convert the energy from food into a form cells can use. Mutations in this mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which can cause metabolic and degenerative diseases, and forms of cancer, are the driving force behind three-parent babies. Read

Trump and The Definition of Sex

As the Trump transition team rolls out names for cabinet posts, the most anticipated name is that of his Supreme Court nominee. The composition of the Court could prove decisive in several cases to be considered this term, one of which involves a Commonwealth of Virginia school board and a student suffering from gender dysphoria. At issue in the case is the Department of Education’s (DOE) definition of the word “sex.” It used to be such a simple word… Read

Toxic Masculinity And A Confusion Of Terms

“Universities across the nation are taking steps to actively purge male students of what’s been labeled ‘toxic masculinity’.” One small college with a “commitment to a diverse and inclusive learning environment,” has freshman students who “identify as male” watch a film about masculinity entitled “The Mask You Live In” which warns students that the notion of masculinity comes with harmful side effects. Is masculinity truly toxic, or is something else at play here? Read

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